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Usage of Ayurveda is gaining momentum in the recent years. Traditional rediscovery is happening now. We are proud to be a part of this caucus for a long time. My forebears, over a few generations (1929), have been in the lead, in the preparation and practice of Ayurvedic Medicines. Renowned the world over, as an authority on "Ayurveda Shastra" my grand father Dr. Dubagunta Subrahmanyam and my father Dr. Dubagunta Bhaskara Rao. As a part of our expansion programme "SYNDY PHARMA" was established at Kavali in 1972 under the active guidance and supervision of my grand father and father, their after shifted to Hyderabad, which has earned the reputation of being effective and reasonably priced, in its products. Syndy Pharma is having Manufacturing License with GMP & ISO certificate given by the AYUSH Department, Ministry of Health, certified by the Ministry of Commerce, office of the foreign trade, India. Apart from the above certifications my company is a member in Pharmexcil council and SSI. I have a group of qualified R&D team of collaborative scientists from various Universities, Hospitals and Institutions, the list of members you can see in web site We presented various seminars though out India and our work is recognized and rewarded too. The products are becoming increasingly popular and dealerships have been spreading pan India and abroad too. We have been supplying our products to International Markets for the last 8 years. Dubai, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Guatemalan and Ghana are the key countries where we have spread. With our high standards and scrupulous quality control, all the stockholders in the supply chain are extremely happy with the quality of our products. I have an entrepreneurial herbal manufacturing technical know-how with specialized equipment. We can work out economically and with attractive designs. Entire operations could be scaled up with minimum time. We have manufacturing facilities for Ointments / Pain Balms Creams Gels Shampoos Lotions Syrups Capsules Massage oils Ayurvedic Medicated oils Presently we are doing contract manufacturing for 4 foreign companies and 55 domestic companies.
General Details
Year Established1929
Other Details
Annual Turnover₹3.00 cr

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